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Top Priorities for HR Leaders

Gartner surveyed more than 800 HR leaders across industries and regions to identify their priorities. Their top 3:

Building Critical Skills & Competencies
Organizational Design & Change Management
Current & Future Leadership Bench

Here is how we help

Building Critical Skills & Competencies

Your strategies and tactics for building critical skills and competencies need to be grounded in a rigorous, accurate understanding of the current state of your talent pool and a clear definition of your organization’s needs and objectives.

APT can help you develop competency models mapped to your unique requirements that employees can easily understand and embrace.

Then, APT will adapt extensively vetted assessments and help gather the hard data that enables you to set priorities and create curricula for development of individuals and teams.

Organizational Design & Change Management

Evolving an organization as markets and competitors shift requires a clear baseline on current strengths and weaknesses. An APT talent process audit is a thorough and systematic examination of your internal HR methods.

We work with your HR executives and internal or external counsel to identify problematic processes and practices and recommend how to improve your systems or implement new systems as required.

As part of this process, we examine if these systems are meeting your business objectives. We typically save our clients significant time and money by identifying changes that can be made to maximize the ROI of their talent processes and tools.

Current & Future Leadership Bench

Success today is tactics. Success next year and through the rest of the decade requires proper planning and investment, with the most important element being the leadership at all levels that will deliver the correct vision and strategy. Successful, forward-looking organizations continually work to create a robust pipeline of highly diverse leaders to handle the complexities of today and prepare for tomorrow.

APTMetrics Inclusive Leadership Solutions help identify the individuals in your company who have the highest potential for leadership and future success, from young supervisors to highly experienced C-level executives. Our assessment science is proven to be effective, fair, unbiased and legally defensible; all necessary factors in enterprise HR.

APTMetrics is a human resources consulting organization.

We are a team of world-class industrial-organizational psychologists supported by a cadre of HR-focused business professionals.

For over 25 years, we’ve helped CHROs and their Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Leadership Development and Human Capital Management staff adapt to evolving business strategies and changing market dynamics, respond to legal concerns, and continuously optimize their workforce.

Using a variety of scientific techniques that have been validated across thousands of projects, APT helps create a legally-defensible data-driven basis for hiring and promotion decisions.

We offer services across all aspects of the HR spectrum:

  • Strategic planning

  • Process design and training

  • Program development and execution

  • Tools creation

  • Project overload support

  • Litigation support

We have deep experience across large enterprise sectors:

  • Energy

  • Materials

  • Industrials

  • Consumer Products

  • Health Care

  • Financial

  • Information Technology

  • Telecommunication Services

  • Utilities

  • Real Estate

  • Government (Local, State, Federal)

We have four major practice areas

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