Evidence-Based Talent Management Solutions

APTMetrics is the only HR consulting firm that builds world-class, customized talent solutions. We are nationally recognized for our employment class-action litigation support services.

This combination ensures that the unique talent management solutions and HR consulting services we deliver are inclusive, fair, valid and legally defensible.

Founded by Kathleen Kappy Lundquist, Ph.D., and John C. Scott, Ph.D., in 1995, our multi-functional human resource consulting staff of more than 50 industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologists, HR professionals, IT specialists and other experts devise practical solutions to help our clients connect, assess, select, develop and retain their top talent.

The Fortune® 100 and other organizations around the world trust us to deliver unparalleled talent management strategies and we can do so for you.

If you want to know how our HR consulting solutions and talent management tools work, get in touch with us today.


  • “Our people are the single most important ingredient to the Marriott service strategy. APT’s expertise in employment assessment and delivery technologies is helping us to ensure our service standards remain a competitive advantage as we expand around the globe.”

    Adam Malamut, Ph.D. Vice President, Human Capital Planning, Analystics and Development - Marriott International Inc.
  • “We look forward to many future shared successes with APT. We’ve tried winning and we’ve tried losing and we’ve discovered that we prefer winning and working with you all certainly improves the odds of that.”

    R. Lawrence Ashe Jr., Esq. Senior Counsel - Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP
  • “People talk a lot about having their ‘go-to’ person and in this whole area of talent management–-APT is our go-to company. We have never been in a situation where we needed help where we didn’t go to APT and get what we needed.”

    Ben E. Dowell Ph.D. V.P., Executive Staffing and Talent Management (Retired) Bristol - Myers Squibb Company
  • “Excellent summary…the positive feeling you created up front (for the executive) is great and well deserved, and it sets the appropriate tone…You then positioned the constructive feedback appropriately and non-threateningly which prevented defensiveness…”

    Nicoa Dunne Director, Human Resources - Thermo Electron Corporation
  • “Sodexo’s partnership with APTMetrics has had profound impact on our organization; the services APTMetrics provides are carried out with the highest quality, attention to detail, flexibility, and focus on high-impact results. We have been fortunate to benefit from their expertise and insight.”

    Julia Bayless Former Director, Talent Development - Sodexo

Our Certifications

APTMetrics is certified as a women-owned business enterprise by:

Small Business Administration certification    Women's Business Enterprise certification

Empire State Development certification

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