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About APTMetrics

Who We Are

APTMetrics is the only human resource consultancy that builds world-class talent solutions and is nationally recognized for its employment litigation support services. This combination ensures that the unique HR consulting services and talent management solutions we deliver are inclusive, fair, valid and legally defensible.

Founded by Kathleen Kappy Lundquist, Ph.D., and John C. Scott, Ph.D., in 1995, our multi-functional staff of more than 60 industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologists, HR professionals, IT specialists and other experts devise practical solutions to help our clients connect with, assess, select, develop and retain their top talent.

Since our founding, members of the FortuneĀ® 100, as well as other organizations around the world, have trusted us to deliver unparalleled service in the areas of: leadership assessment and development; hiring and promotion; litigation support and risk reduction; and talent management.

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