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APTMetrics’ HR consulting solutions are designed to exceed our clients’ objectives and achieve bottom-line, sustainable outcomes. Our human resource consulting firm provides talent management programs that rely on sound, evidence-based strategies to help our clients advance results in the critical areas of business including:

  • Creating competitive advantage in the selection, development and retention of diverse, high-potential talent.
  • Developing a robust and diverse leadership pipeline.
  • Establishing a high-performing, integrated talent management function.
  • Creating and executing D&I strategies that drive innovation.

To help meet our client’s goals we offer professional human resource consulting solutions including:

Leader Assessment

Our HR consulting solutions make use of leader assessment methodologies that combine a clear understanding of the business and talent strategies.

Leader Assessment for Pharma Sales Management

We create and conduct highly customized multimedia assessments that are delivered over the Web and eliminate the need for assessments center programs–and the costs to run them time and time again.

Employee Selection

APTMetrics offers HR consulting solutions to design and implement employee assessment systems that can help in managing a talent across a full range of jobs at all organizational levels.

Litigation Support

As a human resources consulting firm, APTMetrics employs I-O psychologists to provide employment litigation support and assist both defendants’ and plaintiffs’ counsels in class-action employment discrimination, harassment and wage and hour law suits.

Diversity Strategy & Measurement

APTMetrics works with organizations to accelerate Diversity and Inclusion efforts. We offer HR consulting solutions using sophisticated measurement tools that track the impact of D&I on business outcomes and establish balanced diversity scorecards to drive accountability.

Competency Modeling & Job Analysis

APTMetrics human resources consulting provides competency modeling services that are focused on identifying job holders’ behaviors. Those behaviors are then grouped into meaningful categories that can be communicated to incumbents and used in performance management, career management, talent sourcing, assessment and hiring.

We also use award-winning, Web-based job analysis tool, JobMetrics® to provide a cost-effective, streamlined and flexible process that define the work behaviors and the KSAOs that employees need in order to be successful across all levels of jobs.

Performance Management

APTMetrics uses performance management services that align individual job performance with corporate goals. We draw upon proven HR Consulting Solutions and motivational theory to enable client organizations to achieve key business objectives, improve competitive performance and productivity, and increase employee retention.

Staffing for Mergers & Acquisitions

APTMetrics Human Resources Consulting Firm helps businesses overcome the most significant challenges in organizations by helping them put the right people in the right positions in an efficient, fair and legally defensible way.

Organizational Surveys

APTMetrics provides custom tailored surveys that meet our clients’ specific objectives–whether it’s to measure organizational health, employee engagement, culture change/transformation, leadership effectiveness, internal customer satisfaction, or any other topic of interest we have the most appropriate HR Consulting Solutions.

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