Diversity Strategy & Measurement


Many organizations understand the potential of tapping diversity and inclusion (D&I) to improve operational effectiveness and competitive outcomes, but they often find themselves losing momentum on the journey from compliance to cultural competence. APTMetrics works with organizations to accelerate D&I efforts towards “activation,” the stage of diversity maturity in which inclusion has a real impact on business outcomes.

Our services include consultation on D&I strategy, structure and process, as well as comprehensive, accurate and insightful audits of an organization’s D&I progress. Our sophisticated measurement tools track the impact of D&I on business outcomes and establish balanced diversity scorecards to drive accountability. We work with organizations to discover their own particular “business case” on which to base their D&I strategy, including actions and metrics that will impact their workforce, workplace and marketplace (suppliers, customers, other external stakeholders)–helping organizations move forward on the D&I continuum. Mary Martinez

Diversity Strategy Measurement

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