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We design and implement employee assessment systems to help you manage your talent across a full range of jobs at all organizational levels. SelectionMetrics® is our award-winning, Web-based employee selection system that integrates measurement expertise with the latest multi-media, video and computer technology to realistically simulate work settings for job candidates. This approach aids in the identification of the best job candidates and reduces training time, recruitment costs and turnover. In addition, our expertise in implementing stand-alone assessment systems, as well as integrating assessments into ATS platforms and other systems, enables organizations to leverage our assessment technology in a variety of situations.

Selection BrochureSelectionMetrics’ robust features:

  • An intuitive interface that enables administration by our staff or yours
  • Powerful search tools that enable status reporting and action
  • Multi-language support for a truly global solution
  • Drill-down capabilities that provide detailed information
  • Advanced transaction speed across secure, multi-media platforms
  • Seamless integration with ATSs

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