Leader Assessment


APTMetrics has assessed thousands of leaders in Fortune® 100 companies—from first-line managers to C-suite executives.

Our approach to creating executive assessment solutions is grounded in research and delivers exceptionally accurate, actionable results through highly engaging and efficient assessments. Our customized simulation approach leverages rigorous assessments for both leadership development and selection and features:

  • Online assessments
  • High-fidelity, multi-media simulations
  • In-person role plays and case studies
  • Targeted developmental solutions
  • Leadership analytics

Better Engagement and Objectivity

Intelligent use of technology blends video with other stimuli presented through emails, voicemails, annual and research reports, and many other business- and role-related materials.

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See the difference that APTMetrics’ groundbreaking simulations and assessment processes can make in helping identify, develop and optimally deploy your future leaders.

For general inquiries or more information, please contact us directly at (203) 655-7779 or at Info@APTMetrics.com.

The LeadINSM Leadership Assessment Suite

Our leader assessment methodologies combine a clear understanding of an organization’s business and
talent strategies with the key competencies needed in current and future business roles/environments.

LeadIN-BrochureThrough our Web-based, executive and manager evaluation tool, the LeadIN Leadership Assessment Suite, we’ve merged our strengths in executive assessment and diversity measurement to help our clients succeed in the global race for talent and cultivate a robust pipeline of diverse candidates for their present and future senior-level roles.

LeadIN’s realistic business simulations measure potential, readiness and fit for leadership roles, and provide input for professional development that is inclusive, fair, efficient and legally defensible. LeadIN engages participants in realistic business environments with video-based, first-person interactions, emails, voicemails, and industry and analyst reports.

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