At APTMetrics, Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity is not simply a practice

It's a focus across all of our talent management solutions.
Efforts to identify and develop a robust and diverse leadership pipeline have been largely hindered by over-reliance on records of success in a system which has historically limited women and people of color from equitably competing for opportunities.

APTMetrics helps companies pivot from a past-performance orientation to focus more readily on the capabilities and potential required for a diverse population of global leaders to excel.

  • Language reviews
  • Hiring, assessment and development tools updates
  • Baseline modeling
  • Structured Interview training to minimize bias during hiring

Dear White Boss...

Harvard Business Review (HBR.org) re-posted an article coauthored by Keith Caver, the head of our Inclusive Leadership Solutions practice, and Ancella Livers, Ph.D., over 18 years ago while they were both leaders at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC. Since that time, a number of colleagues have asked them to share this article, “Dear White Boss,” with their respective networks as there is interest in hearing the perspective.
Dear White Boss

What Has — and Hasn’t — Changed Since “Dear White Boss…”

The Harvard Business Review published an online update to the “Dear White Boss…” article authored in 2002. It does appear that not much has changed since that time. However, we are encouraged that new conversations about racial justice and DEI present opportunities for difficult conversations, measurable action and true, transformative change.
Dear White Boss
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