Founding Partners

Kathleen K Lundquist, CEO

Kathleen K. Lundquist, Ph.D.

President & CEO
Co-founder of APTMetrics in 1995, Kathleen is a nationally recognized organizational psychologist who testifies frequently as an expert witness in employment discrimination class-action lawsuits for both defendants and plaintiffs. As a result of class-action settlements, she also serves as a court-appointed expert in diversity measurement and the design and implementation of legally defensible human resources processes.


John C Scott, COO

John C. Scott, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Co-founder of APTMetrics in 1995, John has more than 30 years of experience designing and implementing talent management and assessment systems across a variety of global, high-stakes settings. For the past 25 years he has directed our talent management and leadership assessment practice.


Senior Executives

Marty Kelly
R. Martin Kelly
Chief Financial Officer
Ren Nygren
Ren Nygren, Ph.D.
Chief Consulting Officer
Steve Kushubar
Steve Kushubar
Chief Information Officer
Toni Locklear
Toni S. Locklear, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Officer
Bob Lewis
Robert E. Lewis, Ph.D.
VP and Chief Assessor
Brandon Fleener
Brandon Fleener, Ph.D.
VP, Solution Delivery
Jamie Winter
Jamie Winter, M.S.
VP, Talent Acquisition
Jason Griffin
Jason Griffin
VP, Talent Solutions
Julia Bayless
Julia Bayless, Ph.D.
VP, Solution Delivery
Keith Caver
Keith A. Caver, M.S.
VP, Leadership Assessment & Development
Kevin Tomczak
Kevin Tomczak, MBA
VP, Innovation