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In a crowded field of off-the-shelf testing vendors, APTMetrics stands apart by offering tailored assessments that reflect the uniqueness of your organization and job(s) while maintaining the highest levels of professional standards and legal defensibility. APTMetrics works with each client to make sure that their hiring and promotion strategies and tools are fair and efficient. This enables our clients to focus on putting the right people in the right roles in a legally defensible manner. We help our clients create and sustain workforces that perform better, are more diverse and form a solid pipeline to meet future talent needs.

External Hiring and Internal Promotion

We draw upon our vast test-question bank and more than two decades of experience with hundreds of clients spanning a wide variety of industries and jobs. We design and implement assessment systems that help you prioritize and select the very best external candidates and internal talent across a full range of jobs at all organizational levels. Our assessments reflect the uniqueness of your jobs and organization by ensuring that questions feature the work and environment of the job for which candidates are applying. APTMetrics assessments are deployed on SelectionMetrics®, our award-winning, Web-based system that combines measurement expertise with the latest multi-media, video and computer technology to realistically simulate work settings for candidates. This approach aids in the identification of the best candidates while reducing training time, recruitment costs and turnover.



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SelectionMetrics’ robust features:

  • An intuitive interface that enables administration by our staff or yours
  • Powerful search tools that enable status reporting and action
  • Multi-language support for a truly global solution
  • Drill-down capabilities that provide detailed information
  • Advanced transaction speed across secure, multi-media platforms
  • Pre-built, seamless integrations with all major ATS providers

In addition to providing world-class assessments that engage candidates and deliver top talent, APTMetrics conducts a local validation study for every assessment we deploy. Full technical documentation, guided by all relevant regulatory and professional standards, provides a solid foundation of legal defensibility for every client.

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