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Download a copy of the sample Legal Associate Success Factors structured interview guide.

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NOTE: Interview competencies, questions and evaluation standards should be validated for your firm to adhere to professional and legal standards.

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The APTMetrics talent acquisition practice helps companies optimize their hiring. One service is the development of structured interview guides targeting specific hiring needs, and online simulation-based training for hiring managers to fully understand how to effectively use these interview guides.

  • We have developed a structured interview guide in support of legal firms hiring associates and summer interns. It covers best-practice competencies identified from 29 years of working with top law firms.
  • A sample of this interview guide is available by submitting the request form on this page.
  • The interview guide is formatted as a PDF with editable text fields for labeling, note taking and ratings.
  • In addition, you’ll receive a link for one person to take the Interviewer Experience structured interview training course at no charge (it takes ~2 hours).

We’d simply like to introduce ourselves and give you a useful, concrete example of how we can help firms like yours hire top talent and create a leadership pipeline.

  1. Legal Research & Analysis: Proficiently conducts legal research, identifies relevant legal principles, and analyzes complex issues to develop well-reasoned arguments.
  2. Client Service Orientation: Focuses on client needs and understands the importance of delivering exceptional service to clients.
  3. Organization & Consideration: Maintains a high level of accuracy in work, preventing errors or oversights, while efficiently prioritizing and managing tasks to ensure projects are completed on time.
  4. Judgment: Demonstrates sound ethical judgment in decision-making and adheres to the highest ethical standards in all legal and non-legal matters.
  5. Collaboration: Works collaboratively in teams, contributes positively to projects, and navigates conflicts constructively.
  6. Adaptability: Exhibits a willingness to learn, adapts to new challenges, and remains flexible in a dynamic legal environment.
  7. Professional Presence: Projects confidence and credibility through their demeanor and overall presentation. Appears engaging, composed, and capable of making an impact in their interactions with others.
  8. Communication: Effectively conveys complex legal concepts clearly and persuasively. Communicates opinions, facts, and thoughts with clarity, transparency, and candor.

There are three fundamental phases to implementing an optimized hiring strategy:

Step 1. Design – Identify the most critical knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that are both necessary for success and required upon hire in the legal associate role. Then design your hiring process to efficiently, accurately, and objectively measure those critical KSAs.

Step 2. Build –  Once you know what to measure, create a structured interview guide with validated questions and evaluation standards to assess candidates with improved accuracy and objectivity of interviewer ratings.

Step 3. Train – One of the biggest errors many organizations make is failing to train their interviewers. Interviewer training ensures that your interviewers maximize the validity of the interview process, eliminate bias in decision making, and make the best impression on candidates that will help your firm stand out versus the competition.

APTMetrics offers the Interviewer Experience online simulation-based virtual training which provides interviewers with a practical and immersive training experience that is as effective as live classroom training for a fraction of the cost.

Structured interviews are important when hiring legal associates for several reasons:

  • To ensure that all candidates are evaluated fairly and consistently. In a structured interview, each candidate is asked the same set of questions, and the interviewer’s notes are standardized.
  • To identify the specific skills and qualities that are most important for the role. When designing structured interview questions, employers can carefully consider the key skills and qualities that are needed for the legal associate role.
  • To compete more effectively with other firms for top talent. Using this structured interviewing approach will significantly enhance the candidate experience resulting in higher offer acceptance rates.
Specific benefits of using structured interviews when hiring legal associates:
  • Reduced bias. This is important in the legal profession, where bias can have a significant impact on the quality of representation that clients receive.
  • Improved decision-making. Structured interviews help employers to make better hiring decisions by providing them with more reliable and comparable data on the candidates.
  • Better fit with the firm’s culture. Structured interviews can help employers to identify candidates who are a good fit for the firm’s culture. This is important for legal firms, which need to hire legal associates who are aligned with the firm’s values and who will be able to thrive in the firm’s environment.

Yes, if you really want to maximize the value and impact of using a structured interview guide.

You can improve the quality of incoming new associates each and every year through a powerful, efficient and cost effective process that ensures your firm is:

  • Screening and selecting based on the most critical points of candidate differentiation
  • Maximizing your potential pool of interested and available new associates
  • Making bias free selection decisions based on sound based on objective evidence

The APTMetrics® Interviewer Experience simulation-based virtual training application provides interviewers and hiring managers with a practical and immersive structured interviewing training experience that is as effective as live classroom training for a fraction of the cost.

Let one of your hiring managers use the free license and and evaluate the experience.


Interview competencies, questions and evaluation standards should be validated for your firm to adhere to professional and legal standards. For questions or assistance in validating the content of this interview guide, please contact APTMetrics at info@aptmetrics.com.


This promotion includes one (1) license to the complete Interviewer Experience structured interview training application at no charge. You will receive a URL to the online system and one set of access credentials valid for ninety (90) days.