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Identify and develop the talent that will lead

Never before has so much been riding on your company’s leadership talent. Guiding organizations through a volatile and uncertain world demands leadership that is flexible, highly skilled, and ready to leverage diverse viewpoints in order to propel your organization into the future.

Many organizations are seeking to create a robust pipeline of highly diverse leaders to handle the complexities of today and prepare for tomorrow. The most successful organizations leverage a structured and comprehensive approach to leader selection and development.

APTMetrics has been identifying and developing leadership talent at top companies for over 25 years – from front-line managers to C-suite executives. Our success in developing leadership pipelines has been built on the bedrock of delivering research-based, accurate, and actionable information through highly engaging and efficient assessments.

Three Solution Areas

The Configurable Suite

Ensure you are identifying and nurturing the talent pipeline that will provide the effective leadership for your future organization.
Inclusive Leadership Solutions

  • A carefully engineered suite of assessments, analytics, and adjustments built on 25 years of experience working with large enterprises to identify and grow top leadership talent.
  • A structured approach that leverages extensively-tested tools, a library of engaging visual/graphical multimedia content, and optimized technology to identify the right leaders for your company based on their potential for future success.
  • Constructed for rapid deployment and surprisingly cost effective.
  • A turn-key solution or an integrated part of a broad leadership development strategy.

C-Suite Executive Succession Assessment

Succession planning in the C-Suite is about ensuring continuity, maintaining momentum, minimizing disruption and supporting morale and confidence during senior executive transitions.

While there are many different models and philosophies regarding how to manage senior executive succession, somewhere in the multiple steps of every process is the need to gather comparable data about candidates and rigorously assess their potential for success in the new role.

Succession Steps

Assessments at this level cannot be generic one-size-fits-all questions and answers. Every large enterprise has unique requirements and expectations for senior leadership. This demands a highly customized approach. Building on our reputation for rigorous I-O psychology-based data gathering, our specialty is creating high-fidelity multimedia simulators that allow candidates to be fully “flight tested” before they are offered the new leadership role.

APT works with senior executive teams as a partner in a succession management process. We have been involved in numerous successful transitions in Fortune 100 C-Suites.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Consulting

Persistent evidence shows that African Americans, women, and other people of color are consistently overlooked in promotions, growth assignments, and other significant opportunities to scale the corporate ladder. Further, organizations tend to fault these diverse employees for their slower progress in achieving aspirational goals and ignore addressing the insufficiency of existing organizational systems and processes as the primary barrier to furthering inclusivity—especially in senior leadership roles.

APTMetrics helps companies pivot from a past-performance orientation to focus more readily on the capabilities and potential required for a diverse population of global leaders to excel.

When the SHRM Foundation wanted to show its 300,000 members how to select the best leaders for their businesses, they called APTMetrics
When PepsiCo needed a trusted partner to help build its multiple award-winning leadership program, they called APTMetrics

PepsiCo was awarded a 2018 Human Resource Management (HRM) Impact Award for its Global Leadership Assessment & Development (LeAD) Program. The program, developed in partnership with APTMetrics, has helped the company identify and develop internal talent, from early career to senior executives, as well as focus on the future capabilities needed for success.

Inclusive Leadership Solutions Brochure

Inclusive Leadership Solutions brochure