Building an understanding

A Realistic Job Preview is a recruiting tool used to communicate both the good and bad aspects of a job. Essentially, it is used to provide a prospective employee a realistic view of what the job entails. This measure is to provide candidates a richer description of the organization and the job (e.g., work environment, duties, expectations) to help them decide if they are a good match.

While a Realistic Job Preview can be effective for reducing turnover, it is heavily used as a candidate self-evaluation tool rather than a traditional selection device.

APTMetrics will work with your team to determine:

  • How the Preview will be created (e.g., structured observations, meetings with current employees)
  • How the Preview will be distributed (e.g., written material, video, interview)
  • How to present both positive and negative aspects of the job (e.g., always follow a negative item with a positive item)
  • When to introduce the Preview (i.e., early or late in the recruiting process)

We will then develop storyboards for your approval, and then create and produce the Preview materials.

By incorporating insights derived from interviews and focus groups with your executives and strategy professionals, the Realistic Job Preview includes nuances unique to your organization. This is designed to heighten realism and ensure contextual relevance while pinpointing the competencies identified as most critical for success.

The responsibilities highlighted in the job preview are designed to most effectively allow prospective candidates to understand the functional or leadership behaviors necessary to thrive in that role. A successful candidate is rooted in working across boundaries, acting, influencing others, managing change, and explaining the rationale for their actions.

Realistic Job Preview
A Great Realistic Job Preview Discussion
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