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High-Fidelity Leader Assessment Simulations

APTMetrics has assessed thousands of leaders in Fortune® 100 companies—from first-line managers to C-suite executives. Our approach to creating leadership assessment solutions is grounded in research. We deliver exceptionally accurate, actionable results through highly engaging and efficient assessments.

Our customized simulation methodology integrates best-practice research, rigorous assessment standards, and the efficient use of technology for both leadership development and selection. It features: online assessments; high-fidelity, multi-media simulations; in-person role plays and case studies; targeted developmental solutions; and leadership analytics.

When the SHRM Foundation wanted to show its 285,000 members how to select the best leaders for their businesses,
they called us…

Download the full report:
“Selecting Leadership Talent for the 21st-Century Workplace.”

Better Engagement and Objectivity

The intelligent use of technology blends video with other stimuli presented through emails, voicemails, annual and research reports, and many other business- and role-related materials. For a brief leadership-assessment simulation preview click here.

A New Approach for Better Outcomes

Our high-fidelity simulations don’t just look and feel different—they are more accurate.

Our multi-method, multi-trait assessment approach optimizes technology to afford a range of delivery options across the leadership pipeline. Our simulations leverage technology and weave relevant contextual themes as the third dimension of the assessment equation. They set a new standard for realism and objectivity, and expand the range of capabilities effectively measured.

APTMetrics offers a continuum of standardized, configurable and fully customizable assessment options to power your organization’s leadership selection and development needs—as stand-alone solutions or as part of a larger, integrated talent management agenda.


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For high-volume, on-demand leader and manager assessment requirements, we offer the LeadIN Leadership Assessment Suite. LeadIN’s engaging and realistic business simulations measure potential, readiness and fit for leader and manager roles, and provide input for professional development that is inclusive, fair, efficient and legally defensible.

APTMetrics does more than build assessments—we specialize in leveraging our assessment-centered approach to talent management for predicting and improving leadership performance across your organization’s pivotal roles. By configuring the right measurements, we ensure:

• The accurate prediction of leadership potential
• Strategically driven reporting options in the context of 21st- century work environments
• Highly actionable developmental feedback
• The identification and nurturance of high-potential leaders and managers
• Psychometrically sound assessment processes for high-performing leaders
• Essential enterprise talent intelligence to drive critical people decisions
• A robust and diverse leadership pipeline

We invite you to see the difference that APTMetrics’ groundbreaking simulations and assessment processes can make in helping identify, develop and optimally deploy your future leaders. To request a complimentary demonstration of our leader assessment capabilities and more information contact us.

PepsiCo has been awarded a 2018 Human Resource Management (HRM) Impact Award for its project, “PepsiCo’s Global Leadership Assessment & Development (LeAD) Program.” The program, developed in partnership with APTMetrics, has helped the company identify and develop internal talent, from early career to senior executives, as well as focus on the future capabilities needed for success.

The HRM Impact Award is an international honor given by SIOPSHRM and their respective Foundations that recognizes organizations with outstanding evidence-based HR management practices. The award promotes HR practices and initiatives that have been measured and determined successful through evidence-based, data-driven analyses. Congratulations to PepsiCo and APTMetrics! 

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