Envision Your Company's Future

Good leaders have vision and inspire others to help them turn vision into reality. Great leaders create more leaders…

Roy T. Bennett

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.

Tom Peters

Identify and nurture the talent pipeline that will provide the effective leadership for your future organization

A Leadership Pipeline is a Lifecycle Process

Pipeline Management Lifecycle

'Potential' as Foundational Science

Potential Blueprint

Source: Adapted from Figure 1, Church, A. H., & Silzer, R. F. (2014, December). Going behind the corporate curtain with a BluePrint for Leadership Potential: An integrated framework for identifying high-potential talent. People & Strategy, 36(4), 51-58.


Sales Growth when leaders drive the new culture (1)
More likely to outperform financially if diverse (2)
Increased promotion rate when scoring 'high' (3)
Fewer 'poor performers' (3)

(1) Accenture, Getting to Equal, 2020

(2) McKinsey, Why Diversity Matters, 2015

(3) PepsiCo LeAD program ROI study

Leadership Pipeline Suite Architecture

Leadership Pipeline Suite Architecture

Introductory Video

The Details


Configurable to Customizable

The multiple elements of the Leadership Pipeline suite have been engineered on best practices and more than 25 years of implementation experience. Many of the components are designed for easy configurability and tailoring based on a specific client’s needs.

However, if a client has truly unique requirements that are out of scope of the standard product, all aspects of the suite can be fully customized based on a negotiated statement of work.

In this way, the Leadership Pipeline suite can help every enterprise to ensure they are identifying and nurturing a talent pipeline that will provide the effective leadership for their future organization.



Key Features

  • Evidence-Based / Defensible

  • Inclusive & Transformative at Core

  • Future-Focused, Relevant

  • Contextual Solutions

  • Multi-Trait, Multi-Method

  • Local Validation and Rigor

  • Designed for Leveling

  • Integrated Reporting Continuum of Options

  • Incremental Implementation

Extraordinary Benefits

  • The accurate prediction of leadership potential

  • Strategically driven reporting options in the context of 21st century work environments

  • Highly actionable developmental feedback

  • The identification and nurturance of high-potential leaders and managers

  • Psychometrically-sound assessment processes for high-performing leaders

  • Essential enterprise talent intelligence to drive critical people decisions

  • A robust and diverse leadership pipeline