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Good leaders have vision and inspire others to help them turn vision into reality. Great leaders create more leaders…

Roy T. Bennett

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.

Tom Peters

Identify and nurture the talent pipeline that will provide the effective leadership for your future organization

A Leadership Pipeline is a Lifecycle Process

A leadership pipeline is an ongoing process that is best understood as a lifecycle with three principal stages in the workflow. It starts with Assessments which provide both qualitative and quantitative data about each employee’s skills, goals and potential — a baseline. This data is then processed via an Analytics framework to identify gaps and trends, and the results can be reviewed for both individuals and larger aggregate groups to determine actionable opportunities for growth. APTMetrics specialists and HR development managers then use this information as the basis for the creation and delivery of Adjustment programs and assignments. After completing these steps, employees are reassessed to measure progress or divergence, and the cycle continues throughout the life of their employment. This lifecycle process supports the growth and advancement of talent, which is desired by all employees, and creates a pipeline of new leadership in support of a company’s evolving business objectives.
Pipeline Management Lifecycle

'Potential' as Foundational Science

While past success can be applauded, rarely is someone hired to simply do the old job again. The ability to learn new skills, solve new problems and grow into larger roles is what is required from future leaders. APTMetrics® assessments can measure a candidate’s ‘potential’ for future success in a contextual manner, using constructs that align with a company’s specific values and strategy. ‘Potential’ is future-oriented, objective, and designed to root out bias and build a more diverse leadership pipeline. Factors that can be integrated to determine success and leadership potential include:
Potential Blueprint

Source: Adapted from Figure 1, Church, A. H., & Silzer, R. F. (2014, December). Going behind the corporate curtain with a BluePrint for Leadership Potential: An integrated framework for identifying high-potential talent. People & Strategy, 36(4), 51-58.


Sales Growth when leaders drive the new culture (1)
More likely to outperform financially if diverse (2)
Increased promotion rate when scoring 'high' (3)
Fewer 'poor performers' (3)

(1) Accenture, Getting to Equal, 2020

(2) McKinsey, Why Diversity Matters, 2015

(3) PepsiCo LeAD program ROI study

Inclusive Leadership Solutions Architecture

Our structured approach leverages carefully engineered tools, a library of extensively-tested standardized content, and the right technology to identify the right leaders for your company.

We specialize in leveraging our assessment-centered approach to talent management for predicting and improving leadership performance across your organization’s pivotal roles.

Inclusive Leadership Solutions

Introductory Video

Inclusive Leadership Solutions Brochure

Inclusive Leadership Solutions brochure

The Details

The APTMetrics® Inclusive Leadership Solutions suite covers four tiers of potential leadership:

    • C-Suite
    • Executive  (VP, AVP, SVP, EVP, Managing Director, Executive Director)
    • Mid-Level  (Director, Senior Director)
    • Emerging  (Supervisor, Manager, Senior Manager)


For each tier, there is a specific battery of assessments that measures the leadership potential of an individual at that level. These assessment batteries are carefully constructed for each tier to gather the necessary information about the individual in a highly reliable, effective and engaging manner.

The Personality assessment is an implementation of either the widely respected Operational Personality Questionnaire OPQ32r or the Hogan assessment. They provide a clear framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance, and are internationally recognized for their accuracy.

The Growth Factors assessment consists of multiple-choice items which assess personal experiences, characteristics, and preferences related to growth mindset in individual leaders. It addresses learning factors (adaptability, learning, interest/orientation, and openness to feedback) and motivational factors (drive, energy/initiative, career ambition and commitment, result and achievement orientation, and risk).

The Critical Thinking assessment measures the multi-dimensional elements of intelligence as used in a work environment that are situationally relevant to a wide range of jobs, levels, and organizations.

The Leadership assessments are delivered in two distinct styles with content appropriate for a specific tier. Simulation-based Leadership assessments utilize a rich multimedia format that delivers the sophisticated, immersive situations necessary to effectively evaluate senior people. Journey-based Leadership assessments use an engaging visual graphical presentation to take participants along a “journey” which frames a narrative used to present a range of situations for measurement.

Configurable to Customizable

The multiple elements of the Leadership Pipeline suite have been engineered on best practices and more than 25 years of implementation experience. Many of the components are designed for easy configurability and tailoring based on a specific client’s needs. However, if a client has truly unique requirements that are out of scope of the standard product, all aspects of the suite can be fully customized based on a negotiated statement of work. In this way, the Leadership Pipeline suite can help every enterprise to ensure they are identifying and nurturing a talent pipeline that will provide the effective leadership for their future organization.


In a similar manner, each tier includes corresponding analytics providing tabular and graphical reporting, which can then inform decisions on the appropriate adjustments to move individuals farther along the leadership pipeline and position them for future success.

Analytics leverages assessment and other organizational data streams to provide insights into important business challenges, including but not limited to talent opportunities. Assessment data can offer powerful insights into the capabilities of teams, high potential pools, and pivotal roles that allow organizations to plan for the talent capabilities needed to meet strategic needs. These data, when combined with operational and other data streams, yield insights into pressing business challenges.


Adjustments are talent practices that integrate seamlessly with client environments to deliver on strategic business and socially-driven goals.  Adjustments are developed for specific client needs, building on what may already exist and aligning to the desired state intent and best practices in the field.

Example adjustments include Development Resource Guides, Career Development Guides, Goal Setting Workshop Facilitation, Succession Planning Processes, and Internal Mobility Guidelines.  Target audiences for Adjustments may be individual employees, leaders, teams, or whole organizations, and may range across the employee lifecycle from talent attraction and acquisition to talent management and development to organizational effectiveness.

Key Features

  • Evidence-Based / Defensible

  • Inclusive & Transformative at Core

  • Future-Focused, Relevant

  • Contextual Solutions

  • Multi-Trait, Multi-Method

  • Local Validation and Rigor

  • Designed for Leveling

  • Integrated Reporting Continuum of Options

  • Incremental Implementation

Extraordinary Benefits

  • The accurate prediction of leadership potential

  • Strategically driven reporting options in the context of 21st century work environments

  • Highly actionable developmental feedback

  • The identification and nurturance of high-potential leaders and managers

  • Psychometrically-sound assessment processes for high-performing leaders

  • Essential enterprise talent intelligence to drive critical people decisions

  • A robust and diverse leadership pipeline