Create the workforce that will achieve your strategic goals.

Every enterprise has a strategic plan...

...and the most important factor in making that plan a success is building and leading the workforce that is aligned with your strategic goals and has the ability to execute effectively.

APTMetrics provides talent acquisition and talent management solutions to create your optimum workforce.

Strategic Goals

Our Unique Focus

APTMetrics has a long track record of delivering successful solutions for all of the elements of talent acquisition, leadership development, employee promotion, and succession planning. However, what sets us apart is a fundamental awareness of the importance of fairness, minimized bias and broad inclusivity that is a dimension of every project that we undertake.

Our Mission Statement

To help people, organizations, and society thrive by creating inclusive talent solutions

The two key words in our mission statement are “thrive” and “inclusive.”

  • „Thrive is the ‘what’ we offer: in the big picture, this is what our clients get/realize/achieve by working with APTMetrics — success in meeting their strategic goals.
  • Inclusive is the ‘how’ we help clients accomplish those goals. While, tactically, what we offer may be similar to many of our competitors, our ‘secret sauce’ is that we focus on inclusivity since an inclusive workforce is better equipped to meet corporate objectives.

We believe that Inclusivity Drives Business.

Talent Acquisition

Inclusivity in Talent Acquisition

Solutions that address fairness, minimize bias, and level the playing field for all groups.

  • Job Analysis to define role clarity
  • Competency Modeling to link current performance and future aspirations
  • Realistic Job Preview to better engage candidates
  • Structured Interviews / Training to minimize hiring bias and maximize diversity and inclusivity
  • Assessments to identify potential for success in both initial roles and future leadership positions
Talent Management

Inclusivity in Talent Management

Build a robust leadership pipeline able to drive your workforce and meet your business objectives.

  • Assessments, both configurable and custom, that measure potential and
    readiness in an unbiased manner.
  • Analytics which provide insight into capabilities of teams and pivotal roles.
  • Adjustments over a range of talent practices for employee development to deliver on strategic business goals.
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