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Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

SIOP Recommendations for AI-Based Assessment

In January, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) released recommendations for artificial intelligence-based assessments.

Considerations and Recommendations for the Validation and Use of AI-Based Assessments for Employee Selection can now be found on the SIOP website. This document supplements SIOP’s statement on the use of AI for hiring, which was created by the SIOP Task Force on AI-Based Personnel Assessment and Prediction in spring 2022.

“There has been a growing concern about the use of AI in employment decision making, and both federal and state governments are enacting laws to address many of these concerns,” said Task Force Chair Chris Nye. “Many SIOP members have expertise in areas related to employee selection, assessment, and the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace. Therefore, we wanted to leverage this expertise to provide additional guidance, backed by scientific research, on how AI-based assessments can be used effectively and legally in employee selection contexts.”

Mitigating Bias in AI-Enabled Talent Acquisition Programs
Mitigating Bias

Pay Equity

Promoting Fair Pay: What Can HR Do to Close the Pay Gap?
An On-Demand Webinar
Fair Pay

Almost 60 years after the federal Equal Pay Act was first enacted, the gender-pay gap remains. Even accounting for differences in occupations and industries, and a host of other possible explanations, researchers have found that women still earn less than men. That gap is even wider for women of color with gender, race and ethnicity interacting to negatively affect earnings.

In this session, Dr. Toni S. Locklear of APTMetrics will share the current state of the pay gap in 2022 and discuss the evolving legal landscape surrounding pay equity, including key features of the newer fair pay laws being implemented across the country. She will also review best practices organizations can adopt to support fair pay and identify practices that inadvertently maintain inequities. Finally, she will discuss a rigorous data-driven approach to identifying and addressing pay differences unrelated to education, training, experience, or other job-related factors.

Promoting Fair Pay: What Can HR Do to Close the Pay Gap?
The PowerPoint slides
Pay Equity

Mitigating Bias in Talent Acquisition

How to Remove Bias from Selection and Promotional Processes
Remove Bias
Interviewer Experience Structured Interview Training System
Interviewer Experience

Leadership Identification and Assessment

Inclusive Leadership Solutions
Inclusive Leadership Solutions