Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and reductions in force are realities of business today. The most significant challenge organizations face during times of change is the task of putting the right people in the right positions in an efficient, fair and legally defensible way. If an organization fails at this task, not only does it run the risk of facing employment litigation, but it also is likely to lead to failure. A common practice among organizations in transition is to rely on existing selection tools that have been used to hire and promote their people. In a staff restructuring or merger and acquisition scenario, these tools are not necessarily appropriate or defensible. We offer a structured, systematic approach to staffing for organizational change in a way that is fair, job-related and legally defensible. We work with leadership to define roles and identify the competencies needed for success in the new organization. Our process facilitates the staffing of an organization comprised of the strongest contributors-creating new synergies across business lines. Our model strategically positions our clients to make efficient and sound decisions designed to result in the creation of a superior workforce in their new organization.
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