World-class support for all aspects of the CHRO organization

APTMetrics is a team of high-caliber industrial-organizational psychologists supported by a cadre of HR-focused business professionals.

We offer technology-based products and expert consulting services to assist enterprise HR organizations with talent management challenges.

We segment our solutions into three operational HR practice areas and a legal and risk reduction practice area.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Find the best people.

Every successful enterprise is continually working to bring in new talent to support growth and backfill promotions and attrition. The key to effective, ongoing talent acquisition at scale is implementing a STRUCTURED, data-driven, unbiased process.

APTMetrics has organized the multiple steps and key elements involved in talent acquisition into a standardized Structured Hiring model that starts with all of the applicants from various recruiting programs and methodically filters them down in an efficient, fair and positive manner to both identify the top candidates and motivate them to accept your offers.

Talent Acquisition Funnel
Inclusive Leadership Solutions

Inclusive Leadership Solutions

Build the future.

Identify and develop the talent that will lead.

The APTMetrics Leadership Pipeline program identifies employees with “potential” and helps drive a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Leadership Pipeline Suite Architecture
Human Capital

Human Capital Processes & Programs

Maximize retention and growth.




Analysis and reporting.

Products and services to help HR professionals meet their business objectives and encourage employees to thrive.

Human Capital

Litigation Support

Minimize risk.

APTMetrics will work with your internal and/or external counsel and your senior executives to proactively address areas of concern. We can analyze your current situation, devise appropriate remedies and implement solutions that will resolve your most complex areas of litigation exposure—prior to claims (especially class-action claims) coming to light.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals well versed in both the risks of litigation and in effective ways of mitigating the results of its fallout.

Litigation Services