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Ineffective interviewing and selection techniques magnify hiring misalignment while perpetuating ingrained biases.

  • Interviewer bias about an applicant’s skills, knowledge, and ability starts within the first 20 seconds

  • 49% of interviewers think they know “fit” with their organization in less than 5 minutes

  • 95% of hiring managers receive less than 1 hour per year of interview training

Unstructured.  Biased.  Ineffective.

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The INTERVIEWER EXPERIENCE from APTMetrics offers a unique, immersive approach to learning structured interviewing techniques that puts a participant into a real-life business case where there is an urgent need to fill a critical position on their team.

Two distinct versions of the INTERVIEWER EXPERIENCE are available which focus on the specific situations and needs of different job levels:

  • Officer version
  • Manager version

Organizations may have a complimentary license, valid for 30 days, to evaluate the complete Interviewer Experience. Test Drives for both the Manager and Officer versions of the Interviewer Experience are available.

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