Talent management tools


Our talent management tools are designed to seamlessly implement our HR consulting solutions.

APTMetrics’ human resources consulting firm uses scalable, intuitive talent management tools that can be administered by our staff or yours. We use powerful search tools that provide important benefits to businesses including:

  • Enabling status reporting and action
  • Multi-language capabilities and support for truly global solutions
  • Drill-down capabilities that provide detailed information
  • Advanced transaction speeds across secure, multi-media platforms
  • Seamless integration with ATSs

APTMetrics provides world-class HR consulting services using talent management tools and strategies to offer the most dependable business solutions.


SelectionMetrics is our dynamic, Web-based selection system that assesses candidate capabilities for use in selection and placement as well as promotional decisions across all levels of an organization.

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We have merged our strength in leader assessment with its extensive diversity measurement expertise to create the LeadIN Leadership Assessment Suite—a group of state-of-the-art, Web-based evaluation tools that measure leadership potential, readiness and fit for the manager and executive levels, and provide input for professional development that is inclusive, fair, efficient and legally defensible.

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JobMetrics identifies the important tasks, competencies and other qualifications required to perform jobs successfully. This tool can be used to conduct job analysis–the foundation for all HR systems including recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development, compensation, promotion, organizational design, and strategic planning.

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360Metrics, our award-winning 360-degree feedback system, combines industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide a user-friendly, custom-fit solution for developing talent. 360Metrics was designed to produce a measurable impact on employee and organizational performance. It provides participants with actionable feedback based on the competencies critical to success within their organizations.

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SurveyMetrics is our Web-based, organizational survey management system that enables clients to independently manage all aspects of the survey process including developing surveys, choosing respondents, administering and monitoring surveys, and generating reports.

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