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LeadIN℠ Leadership Assessment Suite

The LeadIN Leadership Assessment Suite helps today’s organizations meet the challenge of ensuring that a robust pipeline of candidates exists for senior-level management positions. Talent reviews for these positions frequently rely on management impressions that often lead to misinformed and less-than-inclusive decisions about leadership potential–in effect, blocking the senior talent pipeline.

We’ve merged our strength in leadership assessment and diversity measurement to create this award-winning suite of Web-based, executive and manager evaluation tools. Powered by our award-winning selection system, SelectionMetrics, LeadIN’s realistic business simulations measure potential, readiness and fit for leadership roles, and provide input for professional development that is inclusive, fair, efficient and legally defensible.

We’re offering new clients a free opportunity to assess our capabilities. Using LeadIN, you may assess up to five candidates and receive developmental candidate reports and a facilitated feedback session with no obligation.

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