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SelectionMetrics® is a dynamic, Web-based selection system that assesses candidate capabilities for use in selection and placement as well as promotional decisions across all levels of an organization.

SelectionMetrics has been designed to measure aptitude, knowledge, skills and personal characteristics in formats that match client needs and simulate job requirements.

APTMetrics customizes the system to tap those target job requirements and provide you with the information you need to make the best selection decisions.

State-of-the-Art Technology:

  • User-friendly, intuitive administration and navigation through the test system
  • Can be implemented in proctored settings or as a stand-alone testing platform
  • Incorporates strategies to ensure test security, including item randomization, alternate test forms, time limits and other restrictions
  • Seamless integration with applicant tracking systems, enabling users and data to transfer seamlessly between systems
  • Multi-language support for entire testing platform, providing a truly global solution (over 20 languages currently supported)
  • Automated test scoring provides immediate results
  • Options for accommodation (e.g., suspension of time limits, compatibility with screen magnification software)
  • Designed for use with mouse and/or keyboard controls


  • Customized to specific job requirements and mirror the “look and feel” of target job(s) and the client organization
  • Variety of test and item formats:
    • Text-based with graphics, charts and other data
    • Multi-media
    • Audio
    • Computer animation
  • Use of item banking and/or adaptive testing
  • Advanced scoring methods, including ability to score a single test in multiple ways to evaluate a candidate’s “fit” for different jobs

Administrator Features:

  • Easy registration of candidates by recruiters and test administrators
  • Online access to test scores for authorized administrators
  • Online tools for tracking passing rates and adverse impact
  • Customized test administrator training

Client Support:

  • Ongoing consulting and support
  • Design and execution of validation studies
  • Process and policy guidance
  • Detailed statistical analysis and production of composite reports by demographics, divisions and more
  • Expert litigation support

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