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The term “talent management” refers to an organization’s ability to plan for, engage, assess, develop and retain its top talent. It comprises all of the work processes and systems that are related to creating and sustaining a vital and highly productive workforce, now and into the future.

Talent management is also a business strategy that helps to ensure that the organization can attract top talent in competition with other employers. When employers demonstrate effective talent management strategies that provide employees with opportunities to develop professionally, they have a strategic advantage in the battle to attract and retain the best talent.

“Developing talent is business’s most important task—the sine qua non of competition in a knowledge economy.”
– Peter Drucker

Leaders of top performing organizations understand the significance of talent management for advancing business strategy, driving competitive advantage, and strengthening the long-term viability of their organizations. To achieve these outcomes, talent management solutions must be completely aligned with an organization’s mission, vision, and values and fully integrated into its long-term strategic planning.

The Risk of Talent Mismanagement

Poorly executed talent management can have significant consequences on the long-term success of an organization. These consequences can range from the loss of hard-to-acquire talent to more extreme outcomes, such as a significant leadership vacuum or expensive class-action litigation. Even leading and visionary organizations sometimes find it difficult to align their talent and business strategies and clearly articulate the skills and experiences needed for driving employee performance and development forward.


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Realizing the full benefits of the talent management function requires a thorough understanding of the organization’s business objectives and strategies, and then linking talent management solutions to business outcomes.

At APTMetrics, we will work to understand your organization’s vision, mission and values along with your strategic goals and strategy for achieving that vision. APTMetrics helps organizations leverage talent management solutions as a strategic tool for driving business success and achieving competitive advantage.

Our talent management practice area includes competency modeling and job analysis, performance management, 360-degree/multisource feedback, staffing for mergers and acquisitions, organizational surveys, workforce planning and analysis, and succession planning. Our services provide organizations with state-of-the-science, best practices and the tools necessary to employ the right people for the right jobs in an inclusive, fair, accurate and legally defensible manner.

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