Organizations at Risk

Managers need more training to conduct effective interviews!

In a recent article, Managers Need Training on the Interview Process, SHRM discussed some of the challenges associated with letting managers with insufficient training conduct interviews for selection and promotion. 

The bottom line – untrained and undertrained interviewers are not only far more likely to miss out on the best candidates, but also far more likely to put their organizations at legal risk of violating any number of critical employment laws.  Their recommendation is that organizations make the investment to properly train managers on the hiring process, and here at APTMetrics, we couldn’t agree more!

Traditional interviewing practices are clearly failing organizations and candidates, and the research is startling:

  • Interviewer bias occurs within the first 30 seconds (source)
  • 4.9% of interviewers made hiring decisions within the first minute, and 25.5% decided within the first five minutes (source)
  • 95% of hiring managers receive less than 1 hour per year of interview training (source)

Unstructured.  Uninspired.  Biased.  Ineffective.

In response to this preventable dilemma, APT has developed a new immersive interviewing training tool, known as Interviewer Experience, which helps enterprises effectively teach hiring managers the unbiased interviewing skills that lead to better hiring and increased inclusivity. Complimentary evaluation licenses are available.

APT is preparing a series of posts to drill down into different types of systemic biases in various hiring and promotional practices. Do you have a tough question regarding hiring bias you are wrestling with?  Please let us know, and we may include it in future installments of this series.