Strategies and Tactics for HR Professionals

While business dynamics are disrupted due to public health concerns, leaders understand that rapid mid-term recovery and long-term growth depend on having the best people in key roles who will thrive and advance business objectives.

As leaders adjust talent strategies, innovative HR organizations are asking themselves (and their business partners) some tough questions.  In an effort to support our clients seeking guidance on these critical issues, APTMetrics will be addressing a range of topics and sharing our point of view, providing some insights, and offering practical tips here at Workforce 20NEXT.

We’ve identified a number of topics that are top-of-mind with many HR professionals, and will be posting regularly. We encourage you to send us ideas for additional topics.

Workforce Alignment

Is your workforce aligned with your evolving business strategy?


While business dynamics are temporarily disrupted due to public health concerns and social unrest, organizations are looking internally and having deeper discussions about how their businesses are being impacted.

According to a recent article in Harvard Business Review, “One lesson from previous downturns is that companies that are proactive and growth oriented, even as they shore up their vulnerabilities, will have an edge coming out of the crisis.”

Successful business strategies are defined with mission, values and culture in mind, but with our economy changing daily, these strategies must be adapted accordingly.

As HR professionals look at their organization and discuss their organizational strategy with leadership and key stakeholders, one of the critical questions has become, “Is our workforce aligned with our evolving business strategy?”

Diversity and Leadership

How do we objectively identify & develop high potentials to build a diverse leadership pipeline?


A Robust & Diverse Leadership Pipeline Drives Strategic Goals

In the current environment of social and economic disruption, companies generally regard Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives as a timely and necessary response to correct for long-standing inequities and biases. However, the latest global research from McKinsey reports that while our country’s workforce continues to increase diversity representation at lower and mid-range levels, this does not tend to be the case at higher levels within the organization, where women and people of color are systematically screened out at senior leadership levels.

While most corporate leaders seem to appreciate the significant business arguments in favor of D&I initiatives, they often struggle with how to apply them within the context of their own firms.

Character of Culture

How does adversity reveal the true character of culture?


There is an old saying that “adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.”

Much like character, true organizational culture and core values tend to be revealed when organizations face adversity. It can be easy to gloss over potential issues when profit margins are high and the economy is humming along. It’s often only when disruption occurs that organizations are forced to take a hard look at what’s working and what needs improvement, including making an honest and objective assessment of their culture.

The US economy is currently facing the greatest economic adversity since the Great Depression,  having lost over 22 million jobs[1] in the last few months alone.

Assessment in a Virtual World

How will we adapt assessment practices to a more virtual world without losing sight of valid and defensible hiring practices?


The need for attracting and promoting top talent never slows down. Rigorous, defensible assessments continue to be the best way to equitably identify individuals with the highest potential for success.

But, your in-person assessment center schedule for a high-potential cohort is on hold indefinitely due to the current health crisis. The imperative to accelerate readiness and identify future leaders, however, only continues to grow as organizations place a premium on building a talented workforce able to thrive in an uncertain and highly dynamic business environment. While the assessment center has traditionally been the foundational component for identifying and developing the high-potential population, you now start to ask yourself and your team the “new world” question…

“How do we transition our assessment program to a virtual delivery format, while still providing the same level of rigor, objectivity and results as before?”

Handling the Surge

How will we handle the surge in applicants after the pandemic subsides?


While many of our largest clients are seeing an increase in hiring due to market demands, others have put a pause on hiring, furloughed employees, and closed out their open requisitions. Most people sense that the economy will come roaring back – when that happens, how will you handle the surge in applicants? Below we explore three ideas that can help you prepare now to be ready for a surge in applicants.